It's the most watched Senate race around the country, and Clarke Griffin is running one hell of an underdog campaign against the favored Cage Wallace. But she has a secret weapon that might save the campaign--and a secret that might ruin it. And both are named Lexa Ward.
Aug 21, 2017 Issue
A curated bi-weekly Kindle Magazine containing inspiring stories, advice and lifehacks from leading SaaS companies and technology bloggers.

In this issue: How to Market Your Business When You Don’t Have Time, Lessons learned from developing branding for Airbnb, Dropbox and Thumbtack, a story about how HoursTracker earns five figures a month on the App Store and other co...
Nov 02, 2016 Issue
How to get 100, 1000, 10 000 very first users for your brand new startup? How to make your userbase grow? How to keep users? That's the key questions authors of the articles in this weekly Kindle Magazine are trying hard to answer.

In this issue: Growing via partnerships and other tricks
May 29, 2017 Issue
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