Sendtoreader Periodicals

Periodicals: fresh news from your favorite sites delivered to your Kindle, on schedule.

What Sendtoreader Periodicals actually does? In short, it aggregates the RSS feeds you want to read on your Kindle, composes all those feeds’ content into a single, easy-to-navigate document and sends it to your Kindle. And it does that automatically, on the schedule you’ll specified. So, no matter from which sites and how often you’d like to receive news, blog posts or updates, our service will send them all to your Kindle. And one of the greatest things about this system is the following: it will send the full-text versions of the news, not only short excerpts you’d see in your default RSS reader.

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Top 5 reasons to use S2R Periodicals

Time It saves your time

Once configured, S2R Periodicals does not need your attention at all. Just turn on the wireless connection on your Kindle when you are expecting your periodicals to be delivered, and the system will do the rest of the job. It will download all the texts, compose them into Kindle docs and send them to your Kindle.

moneyIt saves your money

Having Periodicals, you don’t need to purchase your morning (or even any other) paper-based press any more. Just set up a Periodical to aggregate news from the main news agencies and deliver the result to your Kindle by 6am every morning. Want something interesting to be delivered every Friday by 8pm? No problem. Just set up a weekly Periodical.

Read laterIt’s current

Where do we go to read the most recent, the most freshest news? That’s right, we are going online. That’s the place where the freshest news lives. That’s also the place where S2R Periodicals takes content to deliver to your Kindle. That’s why I’m sure Periodicals will deliver the freshest content available.

It’s easy to use

Yes, it’s easy to add a new periodical, reschedule an old one to a new delivery time and modify the list of RSS feeds, etc. I tried to keep the user interface as simple as possible, and I guess you’ve noticed that when using SendToReader’s “web to Kindle” bookmarklet.

ResendIt’s flexible

In Periodicals, everything is totally under your and only your control. You decide which RSS feeds to collect, when  and how often. You control how many news or pieces of news  to read from each feed and what feeds should be bundled in a Periodical. Turn any periodical On or Off with a single click of your mouse.