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Whether you are a passionate e-book reader, author, blogger or business owner, you’ll love Sendtoreader Magazines. That’s because there are so many great uses for this little app! Which? Read below!



For Readers

If you are an avid and enthusiastic reader and like when your reading is well organized, SendToReader Magazines is your one stop solution. Gather up all your favorite online articles on a certain subject, such as mediation or gluten-free cooking, and put them in a separate magazine. Add new content, archive or delete outdated parts of the mag, and send the magazine to your Kindle whenever you want. And say goodbye to the backlight reading problem you get after reading dense text for hours on monitor


For Bloggers

For an active blogger Sendtoreader Magazines forms the perfect platform to share stories and ideas. Are you an expert in something? Great, with this application you can curate periodic magazines, easily make ebooks, consolidate your blog posts into an ebook to share with your readers.


For Authors

As an author, you should know how hard and time consuming is to build and keep a relationship with readers. And Kindle Magazines can help you with that. SendToReader offers you a unique opportunity to keep constant contact with your readers via their Kindles! Make them engaged in the process of writing new books, share sample chapters with them, curate entertaining magazines about people events and stories your are writing about. Sendtoreader is just a tool, I’m sure you’ll easily invent more ways to use it.


For Business

Businesses can also use SendToReader as a marketing tool to popularise their name or educate the customers about their varied services and products. With the constantly increasing popularity of ebooks among people, restaurants, hotels, shop owners and any businessman can make use of SendToReader Magazines to compile and spread ebooks among their clients, forming a new level of loyalty.

Kindle Sendtoreader Magazines

Let’s face it. We all love reading stories, long and short, which entertain and teach us. SendToReader and its new subsystem – Magazines brings our ebook reading experience to the next level, making us able to organize our reading the way we like. Try this amazing little app which puts together all your favourite articles in one Magazine/ebook.


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