Bookmarklets are cool, it’s easy to install and use them. But sometimes we need more functionality than a bookmarklet can offer. In such cases browser add-on (extension) would be an ideal choice. That’s why I’ve started building SENDtoREADER add-ons for most popular browsers. These add-ons will have the same functionality SENDtoREADER bookmarklet has, and they’ll also contain some new functions. For example, with Firefox add-on, you’ll be able to send a web page to your Kindle by right-clicking on its link, without visiting that page.

So, feel free to add the extension to your browser now and give it a try.

Add to FireFox
Add to Android
Kindle Fire
Add to Kindle Fire
Add to Chrome
Windows phone
Add to Windows phone

* When the addon is installed, please don’t forget to add SENDtoREADER button to your FireFox toolbar, like it’s shown on the screenshot below. And enter your username/password in the addon settings.

** This is the link to the installation package hosted here, on (addon is not yet available on Amazon Market). So, to install it on your device you should enable the “Allow Installation of Applications From Unknown Sources” under  the “Device” option in your Kindle’s settings menu.
One more thing, in case you have any suggestion or question to this addon’s author – Gerrit Vermeulen, please email him directly at hawkiesza at