Amazon Weird Periodical Behavior

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Have not received an issue of your periodical in time? Check out the “archived” folder, there is a chance to find the issue there.

The message I’ve received from a user:

For a while, I thought Amazon was not receiving one of the periodicals that I have set up on your service, called, “Investment Blogs”. I was getting it from time to time, but I first thought that about half were “missing”.

Turns out, I was getting it.

Now I know what happened

Amazon has been placing the NEW periodicals in my ARCHIVED PERIODICALS folder on my Kindle right away, instead of showing it as *New* within my list of documents to read. This is odd behavior

So, I don’t why this is happening and it is annoying.

Just today, today’s periodical for was placed into Archive. I can read it, however, just fine now that I know where it is!

Hope that’ll help you to find the periodicals you’ve lost.