Lately, particularly on the 7th of this month, The Guardian participated in the world’s third favorite book contest past time, giving a helping hand to the expected death of the book writing as a profession.

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New public Kindle periodicals – May edition

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hi Everyone! First of all many thanks to all who’ve decided to support Sendtoreader and became a subscriber. I really appreciate your help, and hope you’ll enjoy using this small web application! Now, the new periodicals, they’ll start arriving to their subscribers tomorrow, if scheduled for daily delivery, or in a week  – if scheduled for weekly […]

User Dashboardrevised


It’s been a long time since the last revise of this page, so I’ve decided to take a look at my google analytics and get rid of the options and commands no one is using on that page. As a result, I’ve got rid of the following: “Send File” option. Almost no one have used it. […]

WPToReader – Send web pages from Windows Phone to Kindle to read later

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Hi! I’m glad to inform you that yet another web to Kindle addon for mobile users has just been released, now for Windows Phone. So, looks like now you can send web pages to your Kindle using any modern smartphone, no matter which operating system it has – Android, iOS or Windows. You can download […]

Send Documents from your computer to Kindle wirelessly

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That’s right, now you can send documents from your PC or Mac to Kindle using drag and drop, without even touching the device, i.e. wirelessly! All you need to do – open this page in your browser, and drag-n-drop to the form the files you’d like to send to your Kindle. You can send up […]



Good news for European subscribers (premium S2R plan): from now on, you’ll pay $5/mo for Sendtoreader Premium, no matter does your country collect VAT or not. Fair price for everyone, worldwide – that’s my intention.

Sending selection to Kindle in a single click

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A quick announcement: the SendToReader bookmarklet has just been updated, so now you can send any text selected on a web page to your Kindle. The new ability can be very helpful in a number of situations: when it’s necessary to send text from a password-protected page: simply select the text you want to send […]

Daily digest

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Daily Digest is one of those features I always dreamed about… and one of those people were asking me about from the very beginning of SENDtoREADER. So, what is Digest and what is it for? In short it’s a new type of Periodicals for Kindle which does a very simple and very helpful thing – […]

The “Recommend” button: the first little step on the way to more social webapp

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Hi everyone! I’m sure those of you who are using S2R regularly have already noticed the changes I’ve recently made in the user page interface. I’m talking about the “Recommend to other readers” buttons in your “sent recently” lists and about “Recommended links” – the list of articles recommended by other readers. So, what’s the […]

Top Startup blogs on your Kindle

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Short announcement: a new Kindle periodical – “Top Startup blogs” is now available on subscriptions.  Each issue contains the most recent posts from the following blogs: FastCompany The Next Web – Entrepreneur The Next Web – Top stories Guy Kawasaki blog VentureBeat  Startup Lessons Learned OnStartups Feel free to subscribe or send last issue to your Kindle.

Periodical formatting for SendToReader Periodicals

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Great news for everyone who is using S2R Periodicals or just going to try this RSS to Kindle service. I’m glad to inform you that after a lot ot research and hard work,  S2R Periodicals have got periodical formatting! So, by default all your periodicals will now be formatted like Kindle magazines and newspapers. That does not […]

Sendtoreader addon for FireFox 6.x

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Just a quick notice: I’ve updated the Sendtoreader for Firefox addon’s settings at, so now the addon should work correctly in FF3.0 – FF6.x. It was tested today in Firefox 6.0 for Windows, and no problem was found. So, if your copy of the addon is still inactive in your Firefox addon manager, please […]

DroidToReader: Send web pages to your Kindle from your Android phone

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Today I received a twit informing me that a Sendtoreader API – powered app for Android had just been released (that’s actually the very first application made by a 3rd-party developer for Sendtoreader!) The app is called “DroidToReader and can be found here on the Android Market. And here is a copy of the developer’s […]