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Daily Digest is one of those features I always dreamed about… and one of those people were asking me about from the very beginning of SENDtoREADER. So, what is Digest and what is it for? In short it’s a new type of Periodicals for Kindle which does a very simple and very helpful thing – it takes all texts you’ve sent to your Kindle during a day or week or even month, composes them all into a single, easy-to-navigate Kindle book or periodical (the type of publications used in K magazines) and sends it to your Kindle. 

What are the benefits: first of all, digests can help  you to keep content on your Kindle well organized. We all know how fast the articles list can be overloaded by the countless titles of online articles. At the same time it would be nice to keep them all on the device, to read later. Digest (daily or weekly) is the ideal solution here: setup a Digest Periodical at user/periodicals/ and once a new digest arrived on your Kindle, feel free to delete all those separate articles from it. As a result, your reading list is short and clear and all documents you’ve send via Sendtoreader are kept on your Kindle and are easily accessible.

Tips and Tricks

  1. The first one will be useful to those of you who do not want instant delivery of web articles and prefer to receive them all as a single document in the end of each day. The solution is very simple: on your settings page choose “Manual delivery” option and save the changes (that will prevent S2R from sending documents to your Kindle immediately after processing); after that add a new periodical here with the settings shown on the screenshot below. Once that’s done, you’ll start receiving your Sendtoreader docs in the form of daily digest.

    Please note, unlike RSS periodicals, the Digest ones ignore the “delivery” option in settings, i.e. it’ll be sent to your Kindle even if “manual delivery” is selected.
  2. Use of tags to define what documents a digest will contain (my favorite trick). Most of times there is no point in keeping all web documents sent to Kindle on the device, but some of them are so interesting/important/etc. we’d love to keep them. Tags and Digest periodicals will help you in this situation: first of all choose a tag name you’ll assign to all docs you’d like to see in your daily digest and assign that tag to every document in your user account‘s history list. Then add a new digest periodical just like it’s shown on the screenshot above, with 1 difference – select your tag in the “What to send (filter by tag)” dropdown list. That’s it. From now on, if you want a document to be included in the next issue of the digest, simply go to your user page and assign the tag you’ve choose for that digest to the doc. Important: you can have several digest periodicals at the same time, producing digests for different tags. A nice way to keep sets of articles combined by subject!

Have another idea on how to use digests? Feel free to share in the comments.

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  1. buri8128 says:

    What I would like to do is to pay with paypal one month at a time. I tryed that, but could not find option of paying with paypal. I could also only make ongoing subscriptions that will nevere end.

    • Sergey says:

      Unfortunately Paypal itself is not an option for me, at least until January when Plimus is going to reveal their new gateway to Paypal payments. Once they have it, I’ll consider switching Paypal payment option back ON. As for an option to pay one month at a time… I’m not sure yet, the option does not seem to be too useful for most of Sendtoreader’s users. But there is already an easy way to pay for a month at a time (though by credit card): you only need to buy the subscription and cancel it right away. The fact is, when you cancel it, my system does not switch your account back to the Basic plan immediately because you’ve paid for the first month and there is no reason to cancel your Premium plan during this month.

  2. guichengz says:

    just try it.

  3. terryalan says:

    would it be posible to get some Australian content in the periodicals list.For example The Australian, newspaper has just gone digital,others are following
    reagards Terryalan

  4. richardsouthworth says:

    If I could tag the periodicals I could then use the digest to group those as well.

  5. meelos says:

    Hi, thanks for this service Sergey. Very happy with it.
    At the moment there is the option to send all periodicals to upto 4 different email addresses.
    I was wondering if it would be possible to send different periodicals to different email addresses?
    So I could perhaps send periodicals that my wife is interested to her kindle and periodicals that I am interested in to my kindle?
    Or is there another way I can do this? :)

    • Sergey says:

      well, in case you have another 5 bucks/month, the answer is obvious ;) Otherwise your wife can simply ignore some of the periodicals she is receiving from your account.

  6. meelos says:

    No that’s fine, we’ll happily take out a second subscription… Only the problem being that since I’m the only person relatively “Technical” it means I have to set up and administer 2 accounts… Would be a nice option to offer the ability to manage multiple subscriptions under one account. I’d probably include my parents also.
    The ability to purchase licences in the pipeline perhaps? ;)

    • Sergey says:

      I like your idea of managing multiple accounts from a single “master” one, thanks for sharing it :). That can be one of the features I’d add on a long-time-planned corporate/multiuser accounts. But while they are in development, you’ll have to relogin under several usernames in order to manage your family member’s accounts. Of course, I’ll inform you once a better way of doing that is ready.

  7. bdc says:

    Hi Sergey,

    How do I setup each RSS feed I have as one periodical, w/each blog post from that RSS feed nested inside the periodical on my Kindle? I think this Digest feature is designed to do that…but I’m not sure.

    For instance, I want to get all articles from Brain Pickings (http://feeds.feedburner.com/brainpickings/rss) in one periodical. This way, I can go to Brain Pickings on my Kindle and see all the articles from that source over the past week or month. This feed doesn’t need to be updated all the time as the content isn’t time-sensitive.

    Right now, each article in the Brain Pickings RSS feed is getting sent to my Kindle and each one shows up as a separate item, complete w/different picture and title. Lots of clutter all the sudden. Nor can I tell what article is from what source.

    How do I solve this? Is it by setting up each RSS feed as a distinct periodical (already done) but then using this Digest feature in conjunction w/that?


    • editor says:

      Digest feature was designed to make you able to deliver a set of articles (not periodicals) sent previously (either to your kindle or just to sendtoreader). But I think there is a solution for your problem: try to modify the periodical you have (Brian Pickings) a bit: change the line http://feeds.feedburner.com/brainpickings/rss to http://feeds.feedburner.com/brainpickings/rss [20][all]. This way 20 most recent articles (or less if the rss doesn’t contain that many items) from the feed will be delivered to your kindle as a single periodical. Please note, the [all] option forces the system to send even those articles you’ve already received in previous issues. Hope that helps.

  8. bdc says:

    Thanks, Sergey.

    With this solution as I understand it, if I set the RSS as you specified then I’ll need to delete the previous issue of the periodical on a weekly basis so that there is only 1 icon on my Kindle per periodical. Is that correct?

    If so, then there will be one icon/issue per periodical on my Kindle that maintains the 20 most recent posts from a particular source. Is that also correct?

    What I’m trying to mimic with this SendToReader setup is how my subscription to Fast Company is delivered and presented on my Kindle. Every month, Fast Company pushes out their latest issue. There is only one icon on my Kindle for the magazine. When it gets updated, it still lives under the “Fast Company” icon. I can then clip a particular article and save it to My Clippings if I’d like to.

    Please advise, thanks!

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