DroidToReader: Send web pages to your Kindle from your Android phone

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Today I received a twit informing me that a Sendtoreader API – powered app for Android had just been released (that’s actually the very first application made by a 3rd-party developer for Sendtoreader!) The app is called “DroidToReader and can be found here on the Android Market. And here is a copy of the developer’s post about the application:

SendToReader is a web application that allows you to send web pages to your Kindle. Pages sent this way are formatted so that they look and feel like a Kindle book. This means that you don’t have to read long articles on your computer monitor which, many will admit, does strain their eyes.

Why am I telling you about SendToReader? Because I’ve created an application that makes use of the SendToReader API and allows you to send pages from your Android-powered device to your Kindle. It’s called DroidToReader.

To use this, you’ll need a SendToReader account. Get one by clicking here.

After installing DroidToReader, open it and enter your SendToReader username and password. You can check that everything is correct by pressing the menu button and tapping “Test credentials”. If everything went OK, you can now send web pages to your Kindle by tapping on the DroidToReader option in your Android browser’s “Share” menu. (sidenote: By “Android browser” I mean whatever browser you’re using. I tested it with the stock browser and Opera Mobile and both worked fine)

That’s it. DroidToReader is live in the Android Market and is compatible with Android 2.1 and up (Honeycomb included). Go get it and enjoy reading on your Kindle.