Edit and resend the text you’ve sent previously

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I guess you’ve noticed small changes in the list of previously sent documents… yes, I’m talking about those tiny icons marked on the screenshot on the right. They do not look like a great addition to the SENDtoREADER’s functionality, but they actually add one but very important possibility: you can now edit the texts you’ve sent previously.


How that can be used:

  • Combine several old texts into a single one to send to Kindle. To do that, simply open each of them in a separate browser tab and copy/paste the text into an empty document (open another Composer in a separate tab.) Then just click the “Send” button.
  • Finetune a previously sent item – add or remove images, get rid of garbage or useless content, etc.
  • Got another idea?.. Please post it in the comments area!

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  1. adolfont says:

    Great idea! Thanks!

  2. listoseni says:

    How to delete older pages?

    • Sergey says:

      Currently you can’t delete items from your history, but the “delete” feature is already in my todo list, so you can expect it quite soon.

  3. maxzuman says:

    As a suggestion – would be great if in edit mode one could reimport original page WITH comments section.

  4. goldyes says:

    can i be able to send a web page to my Kindle by right-clicking on several links (by on click),thanks. i am a chinese. hope add this funtion.

  5. Ilshat says:

    спасибо, Сергей, вы делаете классный продукт! можете использовать слоган “вы все еще печатаете на принтере?”))

  6. matt kramer says:

    Very good idea. Thanks a lot for it!

  7. dictof@gmail.com says:

    Unfortunately I tried to Edit and resend the text I have ve sent previously but i didnt manage
    Is there anyone who can exolain this to me ´

    • Sergey Pozhilov says:

      You can edit and resend only docs imported from web pages. That’s because sendtoreader keeps texts for just a couple of days, for caching purposes then delete them. As a result, if the document you were trying to edit and resend was originally prepared in Composer, it’s gone. The only documents sendtoreader keeps (in its current version) forever are magazines (sendtoreader.com/user/magazines)

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