Your history RSS feed and what it does

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I guess you’ve already noticed a small RSS icon above the list of recently sent pages… That’s right, it’s a link to the RSS feed containing your Sendtoreader history. Each item in the feed contains the link to the original web page, its title, short excerpt and finally the link to the downloadable .mobi file for your Kindle.

By the way, the “download” links from the RSS feed can be shared with anyone who is not even registered on the site. So, from now on, you can send a link to any of the Kindle documents stored in your account to your family, friends and colleagues, and they’ll be able to download the file in a single click of the mouse.

Please note, sharing a link to a .mobi file with others does not mean they’ll get access to your account. And that does not mean they’ll get access to the rest of your files on Sendtoreader site. So don’t worry about your privacy and share your Kindle files stored at when you wish and with anyone you wish.

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