Sending selection to Kindle in a single click

March 3rd, 2012, Tagged: , ,

A quick announcement: the SendToReader bookmarklet has just been updated, so now you can send any text selected on a web page to your Kindle. The new ability can be very helpful in a number of situations:

  • when it’s necessary to send text from a password-protected page: simply select the text you want to send and click the bookmarklet;
  • when you want to send an article along with the comments: select everything you want to receive on your Kindle and click “SENDtoREADER”; 
  • when you don’t need the entire article but only a part of it;
  • when you want to send a local file’s contents to your e-reader: open the file in your browser, select the text to send and… you know :)

Those are only the most obvious ideas on how to use the updated bookmarklet, I’m sure, you have even more, smarter ones! In any case, I hope you’ll find the update useful. 

Daily digest

December 2nd, 2011, Tagged: , ,

Daily Digest is one of those features I always dreamed about… and one of those people were asking me about from the very beginning of SENDtoREADER. So, what is Digest and what is it for? In short it’s a new type of Periodicals for Kindle which does a very simple and very helpful thing – it takes all texts you’ve sent to your Kindle during a day or week or even month, composes them all into a single, easy-to-navigate Kindle book or periodical (the type of publications used in K magazines) and sends it to your Kindle. 

What are the benefits: first of all, digests can help  you to keep content on your Kindle well organized. We all know how fast the articles list can be overloaded by the countless titles of online articles. At the same time it would be nice to keep them all on the device, to read later. Digest (daily or weekly) is the ideal solution here: setup a Digest Periodical at user/periodicals/ and once a new digest arrived on your Kindle, feel free to delete all those separate articles from it. As a result, your reading list is short and clear and all documents you’ve send via Sendtoreader are kept on your Kindle and are easily accessible.

Tips and Tricks

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The “Recommend” button: the first little step on the way to more social webapp

November 21st, 2011, Tagged: , , ,

Hi everyone! I’m sure those of you who are using S2R regularly have already noticed the changes I’ve recently made in the user page interface. I’m talking about the “Recommend to other readers” buttons in your “sent recently” lists and about “Recommended links” – the list of articles recommended by other readers.

So, what’s the purpose of adding those buttons and the list? The idea is very simple – those buttons should help us to notice and highlight the content which really worth our attention. We all know, Internet is oversaturated by texts – blog posts, advertorials, etc. and only a very small portion of that content really worth reading. That makes quality content even more valuable. And I think that’s a pretty nice idea to let us share the links to the texts we enjoed reading with each other. That’s exactly what “Recommend” buttons do.

In short, if you really liked an article you’ve sent via SENDtoREADER, don’t hesitate to click “Recommend”. I’m sure, other readers will be thankful.

And please, don’t worry about your privacy, all recommendations are anonimous.

P.S. I also hope you liked my idea to move command buttons (“Resend”, “Share on Facebook”, etc.) from the annoying high-contrast ribbons to the traditional popup menus.

Top Startup blogs on your Kindle

November 4th, 2011, Tagged: ,

Short announcement: a new Kindle periodical – “Top Startup blogs” is now available on subscriptions

Each issue contains the most recent posts from the following blogs:

Feel free to subscribe or send last issue to your Kindle.

Periodical formatting for SendToReader Periodicals

October 20th, 2011, Tagged: ,

Great news for everyone who is using S2R Periodicals or just going to try this RSS to Kindle service. I’m glad to inform you that after a lot ot research and hard work,  S2R Periodicals have got periodical formatting! So, by default all your periodicals will now be formatted like Kindle magazines and newspapers. That does not mean though that you can’t use book formatting for your periodicals. Take a look at the screenshot below. As you can see, there is a new checkbox called “Send as book”. Keep it unchecked and the periodical will be sent in its native “Kindle periodicals” format; check it and the periodical will be sent in the form of book.

And here is how the table of contents now looks like:

Key features of the new format:

  1. It’s way easier in terms of navigation, especially if you bundle several RSS feeds in a single periodical. Most of navigation actions can now be performed in a single move/click of the stick: press its center to see the Sections List; tap its left or right side to navigate to the previous or next article. When you are in the in the Sections List, press the upper or bottom edge of the stick to switch from one section to another. 
  2. No more overflow in the list of books on your Kindle. Only the most recent issue is shown on your Kindle’s home screen. Old files are automatically moved to the “Periodicals: Back Issues” folder. So, even if you don’t delete each issue from your device, your home screen will stay organized.

I do believe, this new format of periodicals is one of the best and most important  improvements I’ve made so far. Because it makes my Kindle an ultimate news reading device. Give it a try, subscribe to one of the predefined periodicals, it’s free.