Sending selection to Kindle in a single click

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A quick announcement: the SendToReader bookmarklet has just been updated, so now you can send any text selected on a web page to your Kindle. The new ability can be very helpful in a number of situations:

  • when it’s necessary to send text from a password-protected page: simply select the text you want to send and click the bookmarklet;
  • when you want to send an article along with the comments: select everything you want to receive on your Kindle and click “SENDtoREADER”; 
  • when you don’t need the entire article but only a part of it;
  • when you want to send a local file’s contents to your e-reader: open the file in your browser, select the text to send and… you know :)

Those are only the most obvious ideas on how to use the updated bookmarklet, I’m sure, you have even more, smarter ones! In any case, I hope you’ll find the update useful. 

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  1. Sorbing says:

    This functionality does not work. Instead of selected text sending all page.
    Ubuntu 12.04, Firefox 12.

    • Sergey says:

      Are you sure you were using bookmarklet, and not FF addon? This functionality exists only in the bookmarklet.

  2. Barth says:

    The articles I have sent via sendtoreader do not contain the images. What can I do to get the articles including images?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Sergey says:

      Unfortunately I can’t guarantee that sendtoreader will correctly process images on every single site (though I’m trying hard to make the system able to do so). So, I’d ask you to email me a couple of URLs where you are having troubles with the images. I’ll review them and find out what went wrong during procesing.

  3. p-pa says:

    Problem – sending ONLY the selected text. using Firefox 16.0.2, SendToReader 1.6, Windows XP-Pro SP3

    Thanks for one of the best Firefox add-ons ever !!

    Maybe I don’t understand, my interpretation of one of the rules is:

    “When you click on the bookmarklet, if there is any text selected, then ONLY the selected text will be sent to the Kindle.
    If there is no text selected then the whole page will be sent”

    My problem is that I always get the whole page, even when text is selected.

    TIA for any help, p-pa [at]

    • Sergey says:

      The “Send selection” option is currently available only to those who is using bookmarklet, not an addon. So, if you need it, you just need to drag-n-drop the bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmarks bar and use it along with the addon.

  4. p-pa says:

    Thanks for the quick reply. The bookmarklet does the job A-OK. I didn’t appreciate that there might be a functional difference btwn an add-on and a bookmarklet.
    Cheers, P-PA in NJ

  5. ddelimar says:

    Will the addon also get this feature any time soon? Or should we switch to the bookmarklet for new features? (I kind of like the integration of the addon, especially since I don’t use the bookmarks toolbar (on small screens vertical space is scarce) so it’s very clunky for me to use the bookmarklet.)

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