Sending selection to Kindle in a single click

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A quick announcement: the SendToReader bookmarklet has just been updated, so now you can send any text selected on a web page to your Kindle. The new ability can be very helpful in a number of situations:

  • when it’s necessary to send text from a password-protected page: simply select the text you want to send and click the bookmarklet;
  • when you want to send an article along with the comments: select everything you want to receive on your Kindle and click “SENDtoREADER”; 
  • when you don’t need the entire article but only a part of it;
  • when you want to send a local file’s contents to your e-reader: open the file in your browser, select the text to send and… you know :)

Those are only the most obvious ideas on how to use the updated bookmarklet, I’m sure, you have even more, smarter ones! In any case, I hope you’ll find the update useful.