Amazon Weird Periodical Behavior


Have not received an issue of your periodical in time? Check out the “archived” folder, there is a chance to find the issue there.

The message I’ve received from a user:

For a while, I thought Amazon was not receiving one of the periodicals that I have set up on your service, called, “Investment Blogs”. I was getting it from time to time, but I first thought that about half were “missing”.

Turns out, I was getting it.

Now I know what happened

Amazon has been placing the NEW periodicals in my ARCHIVED PERIODICALS folder on my Kindle right away, instead of showing it as *New* within my list of documents to read. This is odd behavior

So, I don’t why this is happening and it is annoying.

Just today, today’s periodical for was placed into Archive. I can read it, however, just fine now that I know where it is!

Hope that’ll help you to find the periodicals you’ve lost.

New public Kindle periodicals – June 2015 edition

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hi Everyone!

First of all many thanks to all who’ve decided to support Sendtoreader and became a subscriber. I really appreciate your help, and hope you’ll enjoy using this small web application!

Now, the new periodicals, they’ll start arriving to their subscribers tomorrow, if scheduled for daily delivery, or in a week  – if scheduled for weekly delivery.

Here are the new periodicals you can subscribe to for automatic delivery to your Kindle:

  • – the best foreign policy blog (delivery: each Friday)
  • Scientific American News (delivery: each Saturday)
  • The Telegraph (delivery: daily at 5AM UTC)
  • Farnam Street – one of the best blogs about decision making (delivery: each Sunday)
  • Lepetitjournal (delivery: daily)
  • Alfa y Omega – Semanario católico de información (in Spain, delivery: each Sunday)
  • The Independent (delivery: each morning)
  • The Independent – Art, Sport, Science (delivery: each morning)
  • Brow Beat – Slate’s Culture Blog (delivery: each Friday)

Subscribe now at!


User Home page revised


It’s been a long time since the last revise of this page, so I’ve decided to take a look at my google analytics and get rid of the options and commands no one is using on that page. As a result, I’ve got rid of the following:

  • “Send File” option. Almost no one have used it.
  • Tag cloud (useless)
  • Tags and their editor (I bet only few people even noticed that option)
  • Commands popup menus (were not very useful, replaced by a line of links)
  • List of articles recommend by other users (to be replaced by a better system)
  • “I Recommend” button (was not popular, to be replaced by something more handy)


Weekend reading list: November 8th


Well, it’s friday again, and it means we have 2 days to relax and read something interesting. And here’s what I’ve found on the net during the last few days:


The Hidden Technology That Makes Twitter Huge (By Paul Ford)

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Weekend reading list: October, 25th


New friday’s list of interesting texts for you to read on the weekend:


Why have young people in Japan stopped having sex? (by Abigail Haworth)
What happens to a country when its young people stop having sex? Japan is finding out…

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