Sending recipes to Kindle – the easy and proven way

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What are you  using to keep the recipes you’ve found online? I guess some use paper, some – more geeky, modern tools like tablet computers, phones along with special or general purpose software like Evernote.  Kindle is also an option, but there is one problem with the recipes sent from a web page to the device – sometimes we can receive an empty or incomplete recipe. That’s because the page structure on recipes-related websites is too complex comparing to articles or blog posts, and, as a result, a part of the recipe can be lost / ignored.

Fortunately, the newest version of Sendtoreader bookmarklet can send a text selected on a webpage, and that fact changes everything. Just select the entire recipe on a webpage and then click the SENDtoREADER bookmarklet to send selection to your Kindle. Chances that you’ll receive everything are near to 100%. 

I’d also suggest you to make a “collection” on your Kindle to keep all received recipes in one place.