Lately, particularly on the 7th of this month, The Guardian participated in the world’s third favorite book contest past time, giving a helping hand to the expected death of the book writing as a profession.

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Amazon Weird Periodical Behavior


Have not received an issue of your periodical in time? Check out the “archived” folder, there is a chance to find the issue there. The message I’ve received from a user: For a while, I thought Amazon was not receiving one of the periodicals that I have set up on your service, called, “Investment Blogs”. I […]

Send Documents from your computer to Kindle wirelessly

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That’s right, now you can send documents from your PC or Mac to Kindle using drag and drop, without even touching the device, i.e. wirelessly! All you need to do – open this page in your browser, and drag-n-drop to the form the files you’d like to send to your Kindle. You can send up […]

How to delete delivered personal documents from Amazon – Tip of the week

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As you can see on the screenshot, I have quite a lot of free space for  my personal documents on Amazon servers, but I’m sure there are people who are not so lucky :) If you are one of those people, or just want to make some clearance, I’m sure you’ll find the following tip […] – the way to send web pages from Kindle to Kindle

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People often ask me whether or not there is a way to send a web page from the Kindle experimental browser to the same Kindle device. Now I can definately say – yes, there is a simple, elegant way to do that. And the answer is: use The new service has already been covered […]

Sending recipes to Kindle – the easy and proven way

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What are you  using to keep the recipes you’ve found online? I guess some use paper, some – more geeky, modern tools like tablet computers, phones along with special or general purpose software like Evernote.  Kindle is also an option, but there is one problem with the recipes sent from a web page to the […]

The top 3 ways of using “Send selection” option for sending web content to your Kindle

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As some of you know, Sendtoreader’s bookmarklet now allows us to not only send web pages in whole to our Kindles, but also any part of those pages, the part we’ve selected on a page. But there is one question – in which situations this new option would be handy? Here is my personal list […]

Sending selection to Kindle in a single click

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A quick announcement: the SendToReader bookmarklet has just been updated, so now you can send any text selected on a web page to your Kindle. The new ability can be very helpful in a number of situations: when it’s necessary to send text from a password-protected page: simply select the text you want to send […]

Sending web pages to Kindle for iPhone/iPod/iPad

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If you have not noticed yet, Amazon has released a new version of its wonderful Kindle for iPhone/iPod/iPad app. And, as a result, you can now send web pages to your iDevices, just like you sent them to Kindle/Kindle Fire! All you need to do – find out your Kindle for iPhone email address which […]

Tip of the week. Get new Google Reader articles delivered to your Kindle once a day/week/month

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 That’s pretty easy actually and can be described in few simple steps: First, you need to bundle your favorite subscriptions (or all subscriptions) at If you have your subscriptions at Google reader organized into folders, I’d suggest to make a separate bundle for each folder, this will make the resulting periodical better structured. To […]

Tip of the week. Using SendtoReader on Kindle Fire

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I guess most of you have alredy noticed that SendtoReader’s addons page now contains an application for the Kindle Fire tablet. That’s exactly the same application called “DroidToReader” I wrote about few months ago. But this time it’s hosted on my server, so you can install it without a problem to any Kindle Fire – no […]

Tip of the week. Kindle book with table of contents out of a set of web pages

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Hellow everyone, have a great winter holidays! :) A short preamble: one of these days I’ve got a problem – it was necessary to send several web pages (a series of publications from one of my favorite sites) to my Kindle reader. As you might know that’s not a big deal and can easily be […]

Daily digest

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Daily Digest is one of those features I always dreamed about… and one of those people were asking me about from the very beginning of SENDtoREADER. So, what is Digest and what is it for? In short it’s a new type of Periodicals for Kindle which does a very simple and very helpful thing – […]