How to delete delivered personal documents from Amazon – Tip of the week

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Personal documentsAs you can see on the screenshot, I have quite a lot of free space for  my personal documents on Amazon servers, but I’m sure there are people who are not so lucky :)

If you are one of those people, or just want to make some clearance, I’m sure you’ll find the following tip extremely handy. By the way, it’s a shame that Amazon still does not have a “bulk delete” option for delivered personal documents. So, what’s the tip?

Here it is: to delete all documents you see on the “Your Kindle Library” page, you should do the following:

  • Visit forum and create a bookmarklet as described there
  • Log in to your Amazon account and navigate to your Personal Documents section (Your account->Manage your Kindle->Personal documents)
  • Apply any filter you wish, to make sure you will not delete important document
  • Finally, run the bookmarklet created on the first step.

As a result, the 15 documents listed on the page will be deleted.

Simple? Yes, of course. Effective? Well, it’ll take some time to delete 1000 or 2000 documents, but that’s the best way to do that so far. If you know a better solution, please share it in comments. Thanks.