List of the best sources of good reading for Kindle

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Everyone does have his/her favorite sources of good reading, so I guess it’s time to share our personal experience with each other and build the list of the best sources where we can find something interesting, inspirational to send to our Kindles. The list is far from completion yet, so feel free to post your favorites sources of reading in the comments area. I’ll add them to the list as soon as I can. Thank you!

In english:


More sources:

7 Twitter Accounts for Outstanding Longreads (Mashable)


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  1. Bill says:

    Without question, the best source of content for Kindle can be found at Here you will find the best feature articles from all of the best publications.

  2. Sharienne says: (not too long to read and not too short to contain useful information) (daily articles on big thoughts. 1 topic per day.)

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