How to send multiple web pages as a single book to Kindle

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The following tip will be helpful to those who often send series of web pages to Kindle and who hates the process of deletion of needless docs from the device.

I assume you already know what is Sendtoreader Compose and how to send a text to Kindle using it. To send a series of web pages as a single Kindle book, you just need to do the following: 

  • Copy the URL of the page you’d like to add to the “book”.
  • Paste it in the “Import text from…” form field.
  • Click the “Import” button (don’t press enter on this step!), my application will visit the page under that url and take the content you wanted to read (all ads and other useless content will be omitted).
  • Repeat previous 3 steps as many times as you wish. Please note, the system adds each new web page to the end of the “book”, in other words, new document does not replaces the previous one when you import it.
  • Once you finished importing documents, click “Send to Kindle”.

That’s it.

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  1. mkpstees says:

    Hey, Sergey–I discovered this myself in trying to combine multiple pages into one book to send to my new Android tablet, to be read in the Kindle for Android app. I assumed it had always worked this way and I just didn’t get it before, and I had a real, “Duh!” moment thinking of all the time I could have saved doing it this easy way.

    Yet another way I’m finding that SENDtoREADER is more useful than you maybe had even guessed: “It’s not just for Kindle anymore!”


  2. kwon says:

    Very nice feature! Though it would be nice if i would be able to import a list of urls in the compose mode. Is there a way somehow i could easily import these multiple urls?

    • Sergey says:

      Since that idea came to my mind only several days ago, there are a lot of things to do and one of those things is a new, way more feature-rich text (book) composer. So, the quick answer is yes, you can import them one by one using the “Import text from URL:” option at, but the result document will not contain table of contents. In the future I’ll make the composer able to produce docs will TOCs and even with some more features.

  3. cincinnatiyankee says:

    Thanks for this! Send-to-reader Compose is exactly what I was looking for. I’ve been wanting to read some very text-heavy sites for a while, but staring at the glowing screen for a long time is rough on my eyes–much easier to read on my Kindle.

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