S2R.me – the way to send web pages from Kindle to Kindle

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People often ask me whether or not there is a way to send a web page from the Kindle experimental browser to the same Kindle device. Now I can definately say – yes, there is a simple, elegant way to do that. And the answer is: use s2r.me.

The new service has already been covered in the post of the “Kindle World” blog and got a lot of feedback there, so I highly recommend you to visit that page and read the post and users’ questions – I’m sure you’ll find them useful. 

But let’s back to s2r.me. Here is a short, step by step manual on how to use it with your Kindle (any model – “Fire”, “Keyboard”, “Touch”, “Paperwhite” – no matter):

  1. If you are not a registered user of SendToReader, register first. You can do that on your PC or Mac of course. You’ll need your username and password later.
  2. Now take your Kindle and open the experimental browser, and open the web page you’d like to send from it to th same device.
  3. In the address bar type s2r.me/ in front of the current URL in the address line and press enter or tap the “go” button.

That’s it, the page will be sent to the same Kindle in its native format. That’s the easiest way of sending web pages from Kindle to Kindle.

Few side notes:

  • For the first time s2r.me will ask you to enter your SendToReader username/password before sending anything. That’s why you must be a registered user of my service to use s2r.me. Fortunately, you’ll have to enter your credentials only one time, experimental browser will keep you logged in using  cookies.
  • The page will be sent to the Kindle address specified in your settings at sendtoreader.com
  • s2r.me can be used on any device, even on an old-fashioned cell phone, if it has a browser. It also can be useful for iPad users, because in it’s latest models there is no way to install a bookmarklet.

Sample use case:  

You see an interesting story on a website opened in the experimental browser on your Kindle Keyboard. You know, reading using that browser can’t be called “comfortable” at all. So you put “s2r.me/” in front of the URL of that article and s2r.me sends that article to your Personal Documents area on Amazon servers, making it available for all your Kindle devices. Now you can close the browser, the document with that story is already in your docs list (if not, just make sure your Kindle is still connected to wifi or 3g and wait a couple of minutes).