Sending web pages to Kindle for iPhone/iPod/iPad

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If you have not noticed yet, Amazon has released a new version of its wonderful Kindle for iPhone/iPod/iPad app. And, as a result, you can now send web pages to your iDevices, just like you sent them to Kindle/Kindle Fire!

All you need to do – find out your Kindle for iPhone email address which is printed right under the “Docs” title on the app’s home screen. Remember that address and enter it in the “Your Kindle’s Email Address” field on the S2R’s settings page and you are done. Now SENDtoREADER bookmarklet will send everything to your iPhone/iPad to read later using so comfortable Kindle reader app.

And of course, you can now resend any document from your Amazon’s “Personal documents” page to your iDevice. Here’s how:

  • Visit the “Manage your Kindle” page at
  • Locate the title you wish to send in the “Personal documents” section.
  • Choose your iPod or iPhone from the “Deliver to…” pull-down menu under the “Actions” button.
  • If your iPhone or iPod touch is connected to a network, your document will be downloaded and appear on the Kindle Home screen the next time you open Kindle for iPhone. You may be prompted to log into your account if you haven’t already.

That’s it.