Tip of the week. Using SendtoReader on Kindle Fire

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I guess most of you have alredy noticed that SendtoReader’s addons page now contains an application for the Kindle Fire tablet. That’s exactly the same application called “DroidToReader” I wrote about few months ago. But this time it’s hosted on my server, so you can install it without a problem to any Kindle Fire – no matter is it rooted or not (just make sure that installation of the apps from unknown sources, i.e. other than Amazon, is enabled in the device settings.)

Once DroidToReader is installed, run it and enter your login detailes in the options dialog box. Close it and try to send something using it. To do that, open up the browser, navigate to the page you’d like to read either on your E-Ink Kindle or in the reading application on the same K. Fire, tap the options button (in the middle of the bottom ribbon), select  ”Share page” and tap “DroidToReader”. If the login details are correct, you’ll shortly get the “item successfully sent to Kindle” message, and thу document itself on your Kindle a couple minutes later.

Described above is the simplest method of using S2R on Kindle Fire. Iа you have any additional question, please ask.