The top 3 ways of using “Send selection” option for sending web content to your Kindle

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As some of you know, Sendtoreader’s bookmarklet now allows us to not only send web pages in whole to our Kindles, but also any part of those pages, the part we’ve selected on a page. But there is one question – in which situations this new option would be handy? Here is my personal list of preferences:

  • Send emails from my GMail account. S2R backend (of course) can’t access your GMail account to process a message the default way, but selecting a text on the page you are sending that text directly to S2R for processing.
  • Send web content from a password-protected page (handy for magazine subscriptions, forums with password-protected threads, etc.)
  • Send web articles along with comments. I bet you’ll agree with me – sometimes comments are even more interesting (important) than the article itself, so I just can’t live without the “send selection” option.

Those are my 3 favorite ways of using Sendtoreader’s new option “Send selected text to Kindle”. Do you have your own ones? Please share your experience in comments.