Lately, particularly on the 7th of this month, The Guardian participated in the world’s third favorite book contest past time, giving a helping hand to the expected death of the book writing as a profession.

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Goodbye Google Reader, hi Feedly!

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Yes, Google Reader service will be turned off this summer (the actual date is July 1, 2013), here is the official post on the their blog. And the question is – what are the alternatives? LifeHacker’s article suggests 3 web-based and few desktop alternatives, and, as an active user RSS subscriptions, I’ve took a look at all […]

Kindle vs Nook – the comparison

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There are many similarities and differences between the Kindle and Nook tablets. It’s a bit like comparing cars or other giant corporations who strive to be the best in their particular market. For example, comparing a Chevrolet and a Ford. Each has various features and benefits that make one more appealing to people than the […]

Read top Kindle blogs on your Kindle

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For those people who, like me, want to know everything about Kindle and other e-reading devices, who want to be informed about every single event in this industry, here is the list of my favorite blogs about Amazon and Kindles. KindleWorld  I love my Kindle TeleRead Unofficial Kindle Blog Kindle Daily Post The Digital Reader Kindle […]

Carry Your Library With You Everywhere You Go

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No longer do you have to lug a lot of textbooks around. Nor do you need to remember to grab a book to read on the train trip to work. Instead, all you need is to have your Kindle Reader well-stocked and you have enough reading for more than a year. You can load up […]

First post

Hi there! Welcome to the SENDtoREADER official blog. This is the first post in this blog, so I think it’s the best place and time to tell you a bit about the topics I’m going to write about here. First of all, it’ll be the topics describing new features of my web app, and containing […]