Goodbye Google Reader, hi Feedly!

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feedlyYes, Google Reader service will be turned off this summer (the actual date is July 1, 2013), here is the official post on the their blog. And the question is – what are the alternatives? LifeHacker’s article suggests 3 web-based and few desktop alternatives, and, as an active user RSS subscriptions, I’ve took a look at all web-based solutions mentioned in that article. Why only web-based, you may ask… well partially because Google Reader is a web-based service too, and that’s what I used to use in my daily work and life…

I will not waste your time and just tell you which alternative I’ve chose – it’s Feedly. And the reasons of my choice are very simple: Feedly has a wonderfull user interface (for the first sight it’s a bit too fancy, but it’s easy to switch from magazine to condenced layout which is very close to the G.Reader’s one), has clients for iOS, Adnroid and Kindle Fire and, last but not least, will import all your feeds and starred items (they can be found as “Saved” ones in Feedly). There are few missing things of course, for example there is no way (yet) to send a post from Feedly to SendToReader the same way we do that in Google Reader, but I hope it’s a temporary problem. And you can help me to resolve it.