Carry Your Library With You Everywhere You Go

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No longer do you have to lug a lot of textbooks around. Nor do you need to remember to grab a book to read on the train trip to work. Instead, all you need is to have your Kindle Reader well-stocked and you have enough reading for more than a year.

You can load up to 6,000 different items onto the Kindle Reader. You’re not limited to the ebooks purchased from Amazon or any other ebook seller. Using the innovative, new web application called SendtoReader, you can also send any webpage or article to your Kindle absolutely free of charge.

Web pages, online magazines, newspapers and blogs can easily be posted to your Kindle for easy reading. You don’t have to strain your eyes to read them, thanks to Kindle’s award-winning eIink display which produces very sharp, high-resolution writing of the same standard as you would read in any book and new web technologies.

With SendtoReader, everything described above can be your new reality. Travel light with the Kindle Reader, which weighs only 8.7 ounces, instead of being burdened with a briefcase full of paper files and books. Read your favorite blogs and ezines wherever you are, without the need to connect to the internet.

This fantastic web application will eliminate all advertising so your reading is free from all those annoying modern-day distractions of today’s business environment. You may find something interesting to read but run out of time. Just send the written piece to your Kindle for later reading when you’re not as tired.

You can sit in your favorite armchair and read your Kindle instead of being forced to sit at a desk in front of your pc. You don’t have to balance it in your lap like a laptop either.

Using SendtoReader and your Kindle will make your life so much easier and more comfortable that you’ll have plenty of extra time for more work or to enjoy extra leisure activities because you’ll be able to make more efficient use of your time.