How to install our bookmarklet on iPad/iPhone

Have to say, there is no easy way to add a bookmarklet in Safari for iPad/iPhone, but that’s not impossible of course. In short, you can add a bookmarklet in your Safari in 5 easy steps:

  1. open in safari on ipad;
  2. bookmark it;
  3. select and copy the entire javascript code found under “Installation” at;
  4. go to the bookmarks list and tap “edit” on the bookmark you’ve created on the first step (Update: in the newer versions of iOS the “Edit” button is located in the top right corner of the bookmarks panel. To edit a bookmark, tap the “Edit” button, then tap the bookmark you wish to edit.);
  5. paste the javascript code in the address input box and rename the bookmark (“send to kindle” or something like that), then save it.

That’s it. The successfull installation looks like a bookmark in your browser’s bookmarks. To use it on a page you’d like to send to your Kindle simply go to bookmarks and tap it.

How to downgrade account from a paid to free plan

It’s simple: you just need to open this page and cancel your paid subscription using the form on that page. Please note, the password there is not the same to one you are using here on Sendtoreader, so please use “restore password” form if you don’t remember it.

How to change the password

It’s extremely easy:

  1. click the link “Log in” in the page header (if you are logged in already, logout first), then click the link “Lost your password?” below the form.
  2. Type your username or e-mail into the text box and click the “Get New Password” button. A page will load with a message to “Check your e-mail for the confirmation link.”
  3. Check your email and you should receive a message containing a link for password reset. Click that link or copy-paste it to your browser. It should open the form where you can enter your new password.

That’s it.