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Sendtoreader is a web application to send web pages
to your Kindle, instantly…

The application is extremely easy to use. It’s just a bookmarklet which works well in all modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari and Opera. Once it’s added to your bookmarks bar, you can start sending web pages to your Kindle with a single click.


SENDtoREADER brings enhanced readability to web content. Every web page you send to your e-reader is processed by our system to make it easy to read. It removes all useless content including ads, polls, forms, etc, keeping the main content intact.
If you have long articles, items you don’t have time to read, or you don’t want to strain your eyes by reading from computer screen, you can send articles to your Kindle for comfortable, stress-free reading from its legendary e-inc display at your leisure.
You can keep track of every single item you have sent to your Kindle from any other source and can always resend items if necessary. This means you don’t have to keep the articles on your Kindle once you have finished with them.
Our system retains all images that are part of the text you send to your Kindle reader so you don’t miss out on seeing them when you have the time to read the material you have saved.


… And not only individual webpages. Sendtoreader will also automatically deliver new articles
from your favorite sites to your Kindle. Wirelessly, on schedule. Be sure, this
will revolutionize the way you are using your Kindle.

* Kindle 3, Touch, Paperwhite, Voyage, Fire, Kindle for iOS and Android… i.e. any Kindle!

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