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Sendtoreader is an easy to use tool to collect, organize and send web pages and RSS feeds to your Kindle. Wirelessly, in a single click and on schedule.


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Send individual web pages to Kindle 1-click wireless delivery from web to your Kindle Touch or Paperwite

SENDtoREADER brings enhanced readability to web content. Every web page you send to your e-reader is processed by our system to make it easy to read. It removes all useless content including ads, polls, forms, etc, keeping the main content intact.

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Organize your readings with Kindle Magazines make thematic eBooks by combining individual articles

Magazines are editable lists of links, articles, and content from across the Web that you can easily transform into ebooks, usable wherever you like. Gather up all your favorite online articles on a certain subject, such as mediation or gluten-free cooking, and put them in a magazine. Add new content, archive or delete outdated parts of the mag, and send the magazine to your Kindle to read it with comfort.

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Subscribe to Kindle Newspapers The best way to read news on Kindle Touch & Paperwite

SendToReader can also deliver new articles from your favorite RSS feeds to your Kindle Touch or Fire, wirelessly, on schedule. Be sure, this will revolutionize the way you are reading news.

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