Send web content to your Kindle to read it later, in the sunlight!

Send web pages from your browser to your Kindle reader device in a single click, to read them later without stressing up your eyes (thanks to eInk)! Subscribe to your favorite RSS feeds to read them on Kindle too!

3 ways of using SendtoReader with Kindle

Read longform web content

You’ll surely appreciate the comfort of your Kindle’s eInk display while reading that very long and interesting story you’ve found online.

Sendtoreader will even clean it up for better reading experience by removing all ads and other distractions from the page. You’ll receive it in a form of beautifully formatted ebook with just the text and images.

Bundle individual articles in themed e-books, aka magazines

Got a long list of stories, blog posts and news to read? Bundle them all together using Sendtoreader’s e-book creator, and send the whole list as a single e-book to your Kindle, to read later.

Planning a vacation? Make an e-book out of everything you planned to read online, and read all those materials on Kindle, on the sun, enjoying your vacation!

Subscribe to RSS feeds

Finally, if you know what RSS means and was looking for a service which can deliver your favorite feeds to your Kindle reader in fulltext format, look no further, SendtoReader does just that. Subscribe and it’ll start delivering RSS feeds in fulltext format to your Kindle wirelessly, on schedule.

Interesting fact: you don’t even need to plug your Kindle to a PC in order to receive the content sent via Sendtoreader.
Everything will be delivered wirelessly! Isn’t that awesome?

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