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The idea

tl;dr We spend too much time ahead of computer screens.

Screen time has become an integral part of our lives. We wake up to our phone alarms, attend school or work through a screen, and most of our leisure time involves screens, such as TV, movies, and video games. This shift towards a screen-dominated lifestyle has raised concerns about the potential negative impacts on our health, particularly our eyesight and attention span.

So, what can we do to mitigate these negative impacts? Let's consider the option of reading on a Kindle - a device specifically designed for reading, equipped with a paper-like display that is gentle on our eyes. By choosing the Kindle, we can enjoy the benefits of a device that prioritizes our eye health while indulging in the pleasure of reading.

Web Pages to Kindle Delivery

Experience seamless reading on your Kindle Touch or Paperwhite with Sendtoreader. Our system effortlessly converts and delivers any web page to your Kindle, ensuring a distraction-free reading experience.

Send any web page in a single click

It's as easy as using bookmarks inside your browser. Actually, Sendtoreader acts as a "bookmarklet" - a bookmark with some JS code attached to it.

Instant delivery

You'll receive the text of the page you've sent in less than a minute, wirelessly. No need to connect your Kindle to PC or anything like that!

Kindle native format

Each text delivered via Sendtoreader is actually an eBook, just like any other on your reader, so all Kindle features are available inside it - notes, hightlights, bookmarks, font, layout, etc.

Newsletters Delivery

Immerse yourself in the world of knowledge and stories right on your Kindle's eInk display. Our newsletter delivery service takes your reading experience to new heights by delivering content tailored to your interests straight to your Kindle. Enjoy ad-free, distraction-free reading with our meticulously formatted newsletters that blend seamlessly with your Kindle library.

Subscribe Effortlessly

Just use your personal email address provided by our system in any newsletter sign-up form.

Choose Your Reading Pace

Daily Digest: Get all your newsletters in one go every morning. Start your day informed and organized. Instant Delivery: Receive newsletters as soon as they arrive. Stay up-to-the-minute without lifting a finger.

Subscribe to RSS feeds

If you're familiar with RSS and seeking a service that can seamlessly deliver your favorite feeds to your Kindle reader in fulltext format, search no more. SendtoReader is here to fulfill your needs.

Full-text format without exceptions

Even if the feed does not support it!

Kindle native format

Navigation, fonts, layout, ect.

Combine multiple feeds into one

As an active user of RSS feeds, you don't need to overwhelm your library with multiple deliveries each day. Instead, consider setting up one or two daily deliveries that contain all your favorite feeds.

Curate Your Ultimate Reading Lists

Elevate your reading experience by compiling your favorite stories, blogs, and news articles into personalized e-books with Sendtoreader. Enjoy your curated collections anytime, anywhere on your Kindle.

Improved Organization

By bundling web pages into reading lists, you can effectively organize your resources, making it easier to access and reread them later.

Focused Reading

Bundling web pages helps you to avoid the issue of getting 'lost in hyperspace' due to the mass interlinking of webpages. It can streamline the reading process, allowing you to focus on the main topics of your list.

Rich Repository of topics

Reading lists can serve as a rich repository of relevant resources. When you come across useful articles, you can save them to a thematic reading list, creating a valuable library of usefull information.

Start your new, enhanced reading journey today!

With Sendtoreader, you are taking control of your reading experience, transforming it into a harmonized, enriching endeavor. Explore new subjects, delve into captivating articles, and build your personal library of valuable information with ease. Enjoy the seamless organization and effortless navigation that our platform provides, ultimately improving your overall reading experience.

  • 1

    Comfortable Reading Experience

    Sendtoreader facilitates a comfortable reading experience by sending web pages and RSS feeds to your Kindle device. The Kindle's e-ink display is gentle on the eyes, making it a healthier option for people who spend a lot of their time in front of screens

  • 2

    Distraction-free Content

    The service enhances the reading experience by removing all ads and other distractions from the webpage, delivering a beautifully formatted ebook

  • 3

    Organized Reading Lists

    Sendtoreader makes reading experience less chaotic, by organizing texts in reading lists, providing an effective way to organize resources, streamline the reading process, and create a valuable library of useful information