How to Email ePub Files to Your Amazon Kindle

Do you have an ePub file that you’d like to read on your Amazon Kindle device? While Kindle natively supports Amazon’s proprietary eBook formats like AZW and MOBI, you can still read ePub files on your Kindle.

Important: it’s worth noting that you can’t simply connect your Kindle to your computer via USB and transfer an ePub file directly. Fortunately, you can put that file onto your device by emailing it to the email address associated with your Kindle. Here’s how you can do it:_

Step 1: Find Your Kindle’s Email Address

Every Kindle device has a unique email address associated with it. To find this address, go to the “Content & Devices” page on Amazon’s website. Sign in with your Amazon account, and under the “Devices” tab, locate your Kindle device. Click on its card. You should see the device’s email address listed there.

Step 2: Authorize Your Email Address

For security reasons, Amazon only accepts emails from approved email addresses. To authorize your email address, go to the “Preferences” tab in the “Content and Devices” section. Scroll down to “Personal Document Settings” and click on “Add a new approved e-mail address.” under the “Approved Personal Document E-mail List” title Enter the email address you’ll be sending the ePub files from and click “Add Address.”

Step 3: Attach the ePub File to an Email

Compose a new email from the email address you authorized in the previous step. Attach the ePub file you want to transfer to your Kindle to this email. You can attach multiple files if you wish.

Step 4: Send the Email

In the “To” field of the email, enter your Kindle’s email address. You can leave the subject and body of the email blank. Click “Send” to email the ePub file to your Kindle.

Step 5: Sync Your Kindle

Once you’ve sent the email, turn on your Kindle and connect it to a Wi-Fi network. Your Kindle should automatically sync and download the ePub file you sent. If it doesn’t, you can manually sync your Kindle by going to the “Home” screen, tapping the “Menu” button, and selecting “Sync and Check for Items.”

Step 6: Open the ePub File on Your Kindle

Once the ePub file has been downloaded to your Kindle, you can open it and start reading. The file should appear in your Kindle’s library alongside your other eBooks.

That’s it! By following these steps, you can easily email ePub files to your Amazon Kindle and enjoy reading them on your device.